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At Something To Smile About, Dr. Kevin Boulard uses smile makeover procedures to improve the appearance of his patients’ smiles in Merrimack, NH. These procedures can make different improvements to how a smile looks and create a natural-looking, beautiful smile. These procedures can change the size, length, shape, and color of the teeth. When you’re looking to correct teeth bites, veneers can help slight overbites.

During a consultation, our cosmetic dentist in Merrimack, NH can answer your questions about smile rejuvenation. Dr. Boulard can explain how he can use veneers or another orthodontic treatment to fix a misaligned bite. He can also determine if you’re a candidate during a dental exam that assesses your current oral health. Ideal candidates do not have any tooth decay or gum disease.

What causes a misaligned bite?

Overbites, crossbites, or underbites are all types of misaligned bites. An overbite occurs when the upper teeth overlap the lower ones. An underbite occurs when your lower teeth overlap the upper ones. Most of the time, these misaligned bites are caused by:

  • Extra teeth

  • Thumbsucking as a child

  • Rear teeth that were removed or never came in

  • Tongue thrusting, which pushes your teeth forward

How Invisalign straighteners correct bite issues

At Something To Smile About, Dr. Boulard uses Invisalign® clear aligners to help correct misaligned teeth. This treatment is great for both teens and adults who want straighter and aligned teeth. With clear teeth aligners, the teeth are gradually and continuously shifted to their desired positions. This can fix gaps in the teeth and minor alignment issues too.

During a consultation, Dr. Boulard can determine if Invisalign trays will work best for your orthodontic treatment. Invisalign retainers are great for those who:

  • Have misaligned teeth

  • Struggle to keep their teeth clean because of their teeth alignment

  • Have uneven wear on their teeth from their bite

  • Struggle to chew or speak well because of their misaligned bite

  • Have jaw or tooth pain

What does Invisalign treatment do to teeth?

After your dental exam, Dr. Boulard maps out your Invisalign treatment with 3-D impressions of your teeth. Once your first trays are ready, you return to our Merrimack, NH office to make sure that they fit right. We teach you how to use your new aligners correctly. Follow-up appointments every 4 – 6 weeks allow us to evaluate your progress and give you your new sets of aligners. You must keep your aligners in your mouth for at least 20 – 22 hours daily for treatment to be effective.

Tips for Invisalign aligner success

Inconsistent use of Invisalign trays allows your teeth to slowly shift back to their old positions. You can get back on track easily by inserting your previous tray almost immediately. While it may not fit comfortably at first, your teeth should re-shift in just a few weeks. Failing to abide by Invisalign instructions will delay your progress.

Learn how to ensure your Invisalign treatment is successful

When you’re looking for an effective way to straighten your teeth and improve bite alignment in Merrimack, NH, choose Invisalign clear aligners. Dr. Kevin Boulard evaluates his patients who are interested in correcting their bite at a dental exam. To learn more about Invisalign treatment, call to schedule an appointment at Something To Smile About today.

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