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There are many ways that Dr. Kevin Boulard at Something To Smile About can help his patients with missing teeth in Merrimack, NH. Dental implants are a successful treatment option for restoring missing teeth. There is no other tooth replacement that gives patients more long-lasting results than dental implants. For patients with tooth decay, they can help them achieve healthy gums again. They help preserve tooth-supporting bone that deteriorates after tooth loss and can promote good oral hygiene. After a comprehensive dental exam, Dr. Boulard can determine whether you’re a candidate for dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dr. Boulard uses dental implants to replace missing teeth. These dental implants can:

  • Replace one or several teeth

  • Replace all of the teeth

  • Support dentures

Dental implants are artificial screw-like posts used to replace the root of a missing tooth.

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants are a long-term solution for tooth loss for Dr. Boulard’s patients. When they are properly cared for, they can last a long time, up to ten years. When you lose teeth, the bone underneath will deteriorate. Dental implants are used to help prevent further tooth loss and changes in your face caused by missing teeth. They are a comfortable tooth replacement option offered at Something To Smile About.

They are also a safe option to restore teeth with little to no side effects. Because they are attached inside the jawbone, they cannot get tooth decay and don’t place any stress on the teeth around them, which are some complaints associated with dental bridges.

How dental implants work

After your gums are prepared for the surgery with sedation or local anesthesia, we begin the dental implant process. First, we will make an incision in your gums. Next, Dr. Boulard will surgically implant your dental implant into your jawbone. The incision will be closed with sutures.

After a healing period known as osseointegration, where the bone fuses with the implant, occurs, we can complete the process. This usually takes several months. Next, your custom-made crown is placed atop your implant to create a long-term restoration.

Is there pain after dental implant surgery?

After dental implant surgery in Merrimack, NH, you can expect some pain and discomfort for a few days. Dr. Boulard suggests his patients use over-the-counter pain relievers to relieve any pain. Swelling is normal, and icing the area will help to reduce this swelling. Any other serious complications are rare. If you suspect that you may have developed an infection at your incision site, call our office ASAP.

How to extend the life of your dental implants

There are many factors that influence how long a dental implant lasts, including:

  • Proper oral hygiene: How well you care for and maintain your dental implant affect how long they will last.

  • How you use your teeth: Do not chew or bite on any hard object as your implant can break or chip and need to be replaced.

  • Location of your implant: Implants in the back of the mouth receive more pressure from chewing. This means that a dental implant in the back of the mouth can fail quicker.

Does dental insurance cover dental implants?

Sometimes, dental insurance companies will cover a portion of your dental implants. However, this will depend on if they deem them medically necessary. Our professional team at Something To Smile About can review your financial obligations with you before you commit to dental implant treatment.

Replace missing teeth and fix your smile with dental implants

There are many benefits to choosing to get dental implants at Something To Smile About with Dr. Kevin Boulard. He can examine a patient’s teeth and gums to determine whether they’re a candidate for dental implants in Merrimack, NH. This is a long-lasting solution for missing teeth. To fix your smile and improve your oral health today, call our professional team to schedule an appointment to learn about tooth replacement options.

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