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Oral health is vital to overall wellness, and at Something to Smile About, Dr. Kevin Boulard is thrilled to offer you and the entire family a full spectrum of general dentistry services in Merrimack, NH. By scheduling regular dental exams and cleanings, being proactive about proper at-home practices, and following the other tips detailed below, you can improve your oral hygiene. And we warmly invite you to contact us today to learn more.

1) Follow proper hygiene habits at home

General dentistry isn’t limited to the office. Properly taking care of one’s teeth through at-home efforts, including brushing, rinsing, and flossing, can help stave off decay, infection, and damage, including one of the most damaging dental conditions – gingivitis. Also known as gum disease, gingivitis can develop and advance invisibly, coating one’s teeth with a sticky, unseen bacterial film.

This bacterial film, plaque, can accumulate on one’s teeth and feed off the sugars we eat. As a result, the bacteria produce acid, which causes tooth erosion. Since prevention is key and generally much simpler than treating a problem that’s allowed to occur, we’re more than happy to provide you (and your loved ones) with proper cleaning techniques and tips.

2) Schedule regular check-ups

Scheduling routine dental exams can help you avoid the nasty effects of severe gum disease, periodontitis. This condition is also called periodontal disease, and it arises if gum disease remains untreated. Or if improper or inadequate dental hygiene allows a proliferation of plaque, which hardens into tartar. This tougher, calcified substance is typically impossible to remove through brushing and at-home efforts, and requires an in-office intervention, such as a scaling and root planing procedure.

3) Come in for cleanings

A fantastic way to keep your teeth clean, polished, and virtually free of bacterial infection is to schedule regular cleanings. Our time-tested, clinically approved whitening options can provide a pearlescent polish while also removing bacteria to stave off infection and gum disease.

4) Take advantage of our state-of-the-art imaging technologies, including digital x-rays

Another advantage for those who adhere to the previous point, when we see you for a cleaning, we can keep track of various dental processes via digital x-rays. Digital x-rays show off the details of the different dental tissues and offer an electronic record so we can compare your oral health over the years and between visits.

5) Be mindful of food and drink choices

It’s no surprise that the foods and beverages we consume can impact our oral hygiene and aesthetics. Sugary food and beverages can feed the bacteria living on teeth, speeding up decay. And items that are acidic can further enamel erosion, leaving our pearly whites less white since the dentin below the enamel has a more yellowish hue.

Additionally, chewing on ice or nonedible objects, like pens, or opening containers with one’s teeth are negative habits that can accelerate dental damage and erosion, and cause injury. You don’t have to completely cut out certain, potentially staining foods, which is why we’ll provide tips and tricks (like rinsing after consuming certain foods or drinks) to keep your teeth as clean and white as possible while still enjoying yourself.

See us today to protect your dental health and enjoy enhanced oral hygiene

The previously mentioned tips can help you and your family enjoy long-term oral hygiene and the dental health and esthetics that accompany it! Through our spectrum of dentistry services, we can help prevent problems, restore smiles, and help you enjoy the periodontal and gum wellness that provides the root of a healthy mouth and spectacular grin.

All you have to do to benefit from our experience and expertise in Merrimack, NH, is contact us at Something to Smile About and schedule an appointment with Dr. Kevin Boulard.

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