Fix my smile*

If you have teeth that have become misshapen, cracked, or damaged, dental bonding and contouring as a restorative dentistry treatment performed at Something To Smile About in Merrimack, NH could get you back on track to better oral health and a brighter smile. In this case, a patient had not been to the dentist for a while, and his teeth were damaged. Using composite resin, Dr. Boulard was able to use dental bonding to greatly improve the composition of this man’s teeth and produce a newly radiant smile.

Bonding fix for cavities.

Fixing decay in the front teeth with bonding.


This patient had not been to the dentist in a while, and was aware that he had some issues with his gums and teeth. After diagnosing all of the problems, the patient and Dr. Boulard designed a treatment plan that would start by achieving basic health. Gum therapy and the removal of all cavities and fixing them with composite was chosen. This result was accomplished using basic dentistry, and not only is he healthy again, but he is very happy with the appearance of his teeth again. It was a nice turn around for his mouth, and now he will be able to keep his teeth for a long time to come.

Emergency Trauma Rehabilitation*

This adult patient had trauma from an accident. The upper incisor teeth in particular were heavily damaged, which necessitated emergency root canals and bonding performed at Something To Smile About in Merrimack, NH. From there, Dr. Boulard and his team conducted a two-step process for installing dental crowns as both a cosmetic and restorative solution, starting with temporary crowns followed by permanent crowns. After the final crowns were placed, the patient returned to having clean, white smile — with no evidence of trauma to be seen.

After an accident, emergency root canals and bonding were done during the first visit. Then, teeth were prepared for temporary crowns and then final crowns.

Cosmetic Bonding*

This patient never liked the space that he naturally had between his teeth. After a thorough evaluation and discussion, it was decided to use cosmetic bonding to help close the space, instead of moving the teeth with clear aligners or using crowns. Our patient was thrilled at the results that were accomplished so comfortably and in such a short period of time.

Cosmetic enhancement bonding.

I don’t like the space between my front teeth!

Sensitive fractured tooth fixed with tooth colored bonding*

This patient came in on an emergency visit with a very sensitive tooth that fractured on the outside. Bonding was placed to cover the sensitive tooth structure, enhancing the appearance of the tooth as well as protecting it. Now, it does not look like anything ever happened.

Repair of broken tooth

Broken teeth fixed with composite bonding.