New digital workflow*

This implant prosthetic was the first to be done by Dr. Boulard in his practice. Typically, the Dr. and patient go to the oral surgeon’s office with a pre-made prosthetic. After teeth are removed, and the implants placed, the pre-made prosthetic is converted chairside to fit the newly placed implants. This is great, but time consuming. It often leads to several more hours in the chair after having the implants placed.

This new technique uses a scanner, which scans the implants and tissues the day of implant placement. This is then sent to the lab, which already has a digital design done, and a custom temporary prosthetic is milled, using a titanium bar and acrylic. This is then delivered the next day, and saves a tremendous amount of chair time for the patient. The temporary prosthetic is accurate, very strong and very esthetic compared to the alternative.

After 3-4 months, new scans will be done to make the final prosthetic, made from Zirconia.

These are immediate placed upper temporary implant prosthetic utilizing a new digital pattern.


This patient presented to the office with upper teeth that could not be predictably restored. The patient and Dr. decided that an implant supported prosthetic was the treatement of choice. Utilizing scanning technology and design software, this case was completed in two weeks from the time he chose to to this treatment until he had it performed. A very nice result was achieved in a short amount of time.

Upper and lower immediate implant dentures*

This patient came in to see Dr. Boulard frustrated with what was going on with his teeth. His current situation was not good, and fixing his current teeth would have been really expensive and would probably not last too long. It was decided to proceed with implant dentures.


After deciding that fixing his current teeth would not be reliable, and would be very expensive, his teeth were removed and implants placed the same day. During that appointment, premade prosthetic dentures were converted in the mouth, and he walked out with the teeth in the same appoinntment. This is currently his temporary teeth, and he will soon be coming in for his permanent teeth. He is so happy with the result so far, and he is not longer in pain from his teeth that were breaking down.