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At Something To Smile About, our dentist in Merrimack, NH offers multiple cosmetic dentistry services for our clients. Dr. Kevin Boulard provides teeth whitening, dental bonding, and veneers for patients who want their teeth to look their best. We also offer crown lengthening services where we remove excess gum tissue to make the crown of the tooth more visible.

Our services can work wonders for your smile, but they will only last when you take care of your teeth. You must continue brushing and flossing each day, plus you must avoid foods that might be too acidic or harmful to your teeth. You must continue following proper oral hygiene following your cosmetic dentistry procedure. Poor oral hygiene can keep your results from looking their best if you aren’t careful.

Bad dental habits can be unflattering

Poor hygiene can keep your smile from looking as white as you wish. While teeth whitening practices can break down stains deep in your enamel, a poor diet can cause those stains to appear once more.

Your teeth will become dark again if you consume more dark-colored foods or drinks. Anything acidic or sugary could also weaken your enamel further.

Some foods can weaken dental appliances

A dental crown or veneer could become weak if you eat too many sticky or hard foods. Sugar and other sticky items can stick to these appliances. These could loosen the veneers or covers from the teeth.

Further tooth decay can occur

Failing to brush and floss each day will cause tooth decay, which can weaken the enamel and cause darker shades on the inside to become more visible. It’s important to regularly attend your scheduled dental cleanings with Dr. Boulard to protect your teeth from decay. Veneers and other appliances are also at risk of falling apart or breaking if your teeth decay.

Your teeth are not tools

Avoid using your teeth for opening things or doing things other than eating. This will add undue pain to your teeth and make it harder for them to stay healthy. What’s more, improper use can lead to loose, chipped, or cracked teeth that can cause pain and an unflattering appearance.

Some toothpaste products may also be a problem

While brushing your teeth each day is critical to your dental health, some toothpaste products could be harmful. Abrasive toothpaste products, including whitening toothpaste, can damage veneers and other cosmetic items around the teeth. The gums may also wear from regular abrasive toothpaste use.

Contact a dentist in Merrimack, NH for your cosmetic dentistry needs

Your teeth are important to your life and health. Cosmetic procedures can make your teeth look their best and give you the confidence you deserve. But keeping them healthy and safe is critical to ensuring you’ll get the most out of your cosmetic services.

If you are looking for a dentist in Merrimack, NH, contact Dr. Kevin Boulard at Something To Smile About to get the cosmetic results you want for your teeth. We can review your situation and find a suitable cosmetic dentistry plan that will fit your life. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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