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Scaling and root planing are critical periodontal procedures necessary for controlling gingivitis before it can become a more severe problem, such as gum disease. Dr. Kevin Boulard at Something To Smile About in Merrimack, NH can examine your gums and see if scaling and root planing are suitable procedures for your needs.

One concern patients often have that could keep them from undergoing scaling and root planing is the concern that it might be painful. While your gums might feel sore after the process, the tissues will also heal quickly and should feel fine within a few days after your appointment.

How does scaling and root planing work?

The scaling and root planing process is ideal for patients with deep gum pockets that might collect bacteria and plaque if not cleaned well. First, a dentist in Merrimack, NH will analyze how deep the pockets are in your gums and identify possible signs of gum disease. Some of the signs we look for include tender or swollen gums, bleeding, or redness.

We will then apply a local anesthetic to numb the area to keep you from feeling much discomfort. A dentist in Merrimack, NH will then use a dental scaler to remove plaque from the tooth and under the gumline. The scaler can reach spots that you cannot reach yourself with a regular toothbrush.

A planing tool will then smooth the outside part of the enamel, reducing the number of areas around the mouth where plaque and tartar can collect and build.

Antibiotic treatment may also go over the treated area, although if that is necessary will vary on how much plaque or bacteria persists.

Will you feel comfortable during the work?

Our dentists at Something To Smile About will use a local anesthetic to numb the treated area, making it easier for you to go through the process. We also offer sedation treatments for patients who might be anxious.

What happens after the treatment?

Your gums will feel slightly sore after we finish our work, but this is a natural part of the treatment. The gum tissues will heal quickly afterward, as the tissue is more resilient than many others in your mouth. Any bothersome sensations you might feel will be brief and are described as minimal.

How many visits are necessary?

You may require multiple visits for scaling and planing, as each visit will focus on a specific part of your mouth. People with less severe gum disease could complete the entire process in one visit. Our team can monitor your case and see what might fit your needs.

Schedule your scaling and planing with our dentist in Merrimack, NH

Gum disease can be a scary concern, but scaling and root planing can help clear bacteria from your gums and help prevent gum disease from being a threat to your teeth. You can visit Dr. Kevin Boulard at Something To Smile About in Merrimack, NH to learn how we can support your oral health while ensuring your comfort. Visit our website to schedule an appointment for your scaling and planing needs.

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