Have you considered having a night guard made for your teeth to protect them while you sleep? By looking at the enamel on your teeth, our team at Something To Smile About can tell if you are putting extra stress, pressure, and strain on your teeth. You may not even be aware that you are doing it. Bruxism (or nighttime teeth grinding) is very common for people of all ages.

Grinding your teeth at night may sound harmless, but it can break down the enamel of your teeth or slowly destroy dental work you have had done on your teeth. Not to mention, bruxism can be the culprit behind your headaches, tooth pain, gum inflammation, or unexplainable pain in your neck and jaw. Dr. Kevin Boulard, our general dentist, offers custom night guards made with high-quality, medical-grade materials to fit comfortably in your mouth. With an oral appliance to protect your teeth, the quality of your sleep can improve, too. To hear more about custom night guards at Something To Smile About, set up an appointment at our Merrimack, NH facility.


You may need a night guard if you have one or all of the following indicators of teeth grinding:

  • You experience frequent headaches or pain in your face or neck
  • You are not sleeping well
  • You wake up with a swollen face
  • You frequently have unexplainable loose teeth or fillings, tooth sensitivity, and/or broken restorations to replace
  • You find chips in the enamel of your teeth
  • You have a receding gumline

Teeth grinding and clenching at night are usually caused by stress, but it may also be the result of allergies, misaligned teeth, a sleep disorder, or temporomandibular joint disorder (called TMD). While Dr. Boulard provides you with a bruxism diagnosis, he will also try to find out the cause. Then, he can couple your night guard with another treatment for more effective results.


Some people may not realize they grind their teeth at night. But if you frequently wake up with headaches, a sore jaw, or tooth pain, it could be a sign of bruxism. A custom night guard from Dr. Boulard can protect your teeth from damage and help you avoid the discomfort associated with clenching and grinding. Night guards are custom-fitted to your mouth, so they are comfortable to wear and allow you to sleep without interruption. Additionally, they are made from high-quality materials that will not irritate your gums or cause any unwanted side effects.


To make your night guard, Dr. Boulard will take an iTero® digital impression of your teeth and digital x-rays to make a blueprint of your custom night guard. Next, he will send your information to a dental laboratory where your night guard will be crafted out of high-quality materials. After your night guard is complete and sent back to us, you will return to have it fitted. Dr. Boulard may make small adjustments so that it fits properly and comfortably. We will also give you specific instructions on how to care for your night guard so it will last many years.


For maximum night guard efficiency, you will need to wear your custom-made oral appliance each night. Your night guard should relieve or eliminate the discomfort and dental issues caused by bruxism, but if it does not, please contact our office. Dr. Boulard may need to consider additional issues or try other treatments. To keep your mouth and night guard healthy, we recommend that you clean and care for both prior to and after each use. Your night guard should be brought with you to future appointments for Dr. Boulard to assess and make adjustments or replacements as needed.


Can wearing a night guard be bad for your teeth?

No, not at all. A custom-made night guard created by Dr. Boulard helps prevent wearing and damage to your teeth caused by bruxism or grinding.

Do night guards cause cavities?

In general, they don’t. It is a common misconception that wearing night guards causes cavities, but this can be avoided by practicing proper oral hygiene and regular cleaning of your night guard. Cavities only become a risk if you don’t clean your night guard.

Does a night guard cure bruxism?

No, it doesn’t. A night guard only prevents damage to your teeth caused by bruxism.

How do you care for a night guard?

  • Thoroughly rinse after wearing
  • Brush and clean with a toothbrush (toothpaste is not necessary)
  • Dry your night guard on a soft towel or paper towel
  • Store your night guard in its case
  • Once a month, give your night guard a deep cleaning with nonabrasive denture cleaner or a mixture of white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide


Teeth grinding can cause pain and discomfort in a variety of ways. Night guards are a great option to diminish the stress that results from the unpleasant symptoms of nighttime bruxism and jaw clenching. Specialized night guards from Something To Smile About can also improve the overall health of your mouth and deter future complications in the structure of your teeth. If this sounds like a solution to your teeth grinding at night or if you are interested in learning more, contact our team in Merrimack, NH to book a consultation with Dr. Boulard.