You may know it as laughing gas, but nitrous oxide (N2O) is a gas that we provide for sedation at Something To Smile About. In the past, you may have avoided going to the dentist or skipped exams because of your fear and anxiety of dental procedures. Our general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kevin Boulard, wants you to know that he understands where you are coming from and will work with you using a sedation technique like nitrous oxide sedation. It is our goal to make sure our patients get the dental care they deserve regardless of fear. With nitrous oxide sedation, you can have it with short or lengthy procedures. The complexity of your procedure does not play a role in whether Dr. Boulard will allow his patients to have N2O. Your comfort is what matters to him. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Boulard for more information on nitrous oxide and other sedation options during your appointment.


Nitrous oxide sedation in Merrimack, NH at Something To Smile About can help take the fear and anxiety out of getting dental work done with a number of great benefits, like:

  • Works almost immediately
  • Calms stress and anxiety
  • Helps you feel peaceful and relaxed
  • Reduces the sensation of pain and discomfort
  • Administering nitrous oxide is as easy as breathing
  • Effects wear off within minutes
  • Has a solid safety record of more than 100 years


Nitrous oxide sedation is one of the most common sedation techniques in dentistry today. It can be utilized with little risk for children and adults alike. Before nitrous oxide gas is used, Dr. Boulard will assess your current medications, medical history, and concerns to be sure that nitrous oxide gas is indeed a safe fit for you. This technique may be paired with local numbing injections to minimize your discomfort. You may not be suitable for nitrous oxide sedation if you have extreme phobias, trouble breathing through your nose, have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or other similar conditions.


Before your dental procedure begins, the N2O gas will be administered to you using a mask. As you inhale the gas, sedation will quickly take effect and begin relaxing you. Dr. Boulard or a member of his team will observe your health and response to the gas and adjust the amount as needed throughout the procedure. You can expect a tingling sensation in your outer extremities, and a feeling of well-being, warmth, and euphoria. Nitrous oxide is normally used along with local injections of lidocaine to deaden sensation in your teeth and gums. When the procedure is complete, the gas will be shut off and the effects should quickly wear off.


Recovery from nitrous oxide sedation is immediate, as the gas is no longer present in your body within 3 – 5 minutes. You should be ready to operate a vehicle and resume your daily activities as soon as you leave our facility. Side effects are uncommon, but you may experience sweating, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, headaches, or chills. Please do not hesitate to let our team know if you have any side effects that last longer than expected. To minimize the chance of nausea, Dr. Boulard suggests you eat a small meal or light snack prior to your appointment and then wait about three hours after you leave before consuming a heavy meal.


Is nitrous oxide sedation safe?

Nitrous oxide has been used safely by medical practitioners for more than a century with a very low occurrence of side effects. When used in a medical setting and monitored by an experienced medical practitioner like Dr. Boulard, nitrous oxide sedation is very safe for the majority of patients.

Does nitrous oxide sedation make you go to sleep?

Some patients can fall asleep during nitrous oxide sedation, but it’s just because of the feeling of being relaxed, not from the nitrous oxide. You are still conscious and able to interact with Dr. Boulard during nitrous oxide sedation.

Do you still feel pain with nitrous oxide sedation?

Nitrous oxide sedation does have a small effect on the nervous system, dulling some sensitivity to pain, but it is more to help you feel calm and relaxed during a procedure rather than to prevent pain.

How long do the effects of nitrous oxide sedation last?

Nitrous oxide sedation wears off almost immediately within minutes of your procedure being finished. You can go back to your normal activities right after.


If you skip standard dental appointments or you are dealing with oral pain because of fear or anxiety, please consider an appointment with Dr. Boulard. We can give you more information about nitrous oxide sedation at our dental facility in Merrimack, NH. Dr. Boulard and his skilled team will gladly answer your questions and ease your concerns about sedation at Something To Smile About.