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What are sleep apnea treatments?

When you have sleep apnea, your sleep is continuously compromised by persistent pauses in your breathing from the closure of your airways. When you stop breathing, you are putting stress and strain on your body.

If you do not treat your sleep apnea, you risk developing heart problems, memory issues, weight changes, mood instability, and much more. Our general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kevin Boulard, focuses on producing medical-grade oral appliance therapies for sleep apnea. These sleep apnea treatments are custom-made night guards you wear while you sleep. Depending on the way your airway is obstructed during sleep, Dr. Boulard can create the right oral appliance to meet your needs at Something To Smile About in Merrimack, NH.

What are the Benefits of Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Many people don't realize the importance of getting enough sleep each night. Sleep apnea treatment not only helps improve sleep quality but also reduces your risk of developing serious health complications long-term. Treatment can also help you feel more energized throughout the day, reduce feelings of depression or irritability, improve your memory and concentration, and make it easier to maintain a healthy weight. Something To Smile About has helped countless patients in the Merrimack, NH area through our advanced solutions.

Who needs an Oral Appliance for sleep apnea?

Oral appliance therapy as a sleep apnea treatment is not ideal for patients with severe sleep apnea, especially if it has been recommended that a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine be used during sleep.

If you have mild-to-moderate sleep apnea or a snoring problem, an oral appliance might be exactly what you need. Sleep apnea can be harmful since it keeps you from breathing hundreds of times each night as the cells in your soft palate and throat close. When this occurs, your airway is obstructed, keeping oxygen from getting to your organs or brain. So needless to say, it's essential to have sleep apnea properly diagnosed and treated with the best options available.

Dr. Boulard's treatment for sleep apnea

Sleep apnea treatment with Dr. Boulard at Something To Smile About utilizes oral appliance therapies. It is a customized appliance which fits in your mouth at night. It is often compared to a night guard or a retainer. The oral appliance will gently keep your jaw in a forward position to continue to keep your airway open.  Dr. Boulard will work with you to be certain you get the most suitable treatment. This will be determined after he performs an assessment of your teeth, jaw, tongue, and airway. You will also have digital x-rays and impressions of your teeth for your dental appliance to be made.

Taking care of your oral appliance therapy

After your oral appliance has been manufactured at a dental lab and sent back to us, you will be ready for a fitting. Something To Smile About will contact you to schedule your follow-up appointment. Dr. Boulard will adjust and fit it to make it as comfortable as possible. He will allow plenty of time to teach you about your new oral appliance including the proper way to store, clean, and maintain it. Dr. Boulard will ask you to bring your appliance to future appointments so it can be inspected for effectiveness or repaired if needed.

Sleep Apnea Treatments FAQ

Is sleep apnea common?

According to surveys, sleep apnea affects about 10% of women and 25% of men, with as many as 22 million Americans having sleep apnea.

What are the symptoms of sleep apnea?

  • Fatigue or feeling tired during the day
  • Waking up feeling unrested after a night's sleep
  • Headaches in the morning
  • Difficulty concentrating or mental fog
  • Loud, raucous snoring
  • Gasping or choking and waking suddenly
  • Having episodes of stopped breathing during sleep
  • Sore throat and dry mouth in the morning

Are there health risks associated with sleep apnea?

Yes, there are. Sleep apnea can put you at a higher risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and more.

What are some risk factors for sleep apnea?

  • Male, aged 35 – 65
  • Obese or overweight
  • Regular heavy drinker of alcohol
  • Hypertension
  • Coronary heart disease


To a Great night sleep

If your breathing was interrupted hundreds of times every day from your airway being obstructed, you'd ask for treatment right away. But when the exact same thing happens during your sleep, it can be easy to ignore since you won't remember it when you wake up. If you believe you might have sleep apnea, we invite you to arrange for a consultation with Dr. Boulard at Something To Smile About at your earliest convenience.

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