At Something To Smile About, our dental team understands why the color of your teeth is a major cosmetic concern. Fortunately, we have an experienced cosmetic dentist in Merrimack, NH, Dr. Kevin Boulard, who will provide you with professional strength teeth whitening. While there are dozens of retail store whitening options, we use a product that has shown to be superior to most over-the-counter treatments currently offered. Our whitening services, highly recommended by Dr. Boulard, can whiten your teeth by several shades and may last for much longer than alternative choices. We utilize medical-grade whitening solutions that really do the job, reaching below the surface of the teeth to address deep stains rather than consumer-level options that just touch the surface.


Customized teeth whitening treatment at Something To Smile About can help you get the brighter smile you want with benefits including:

  • Offering multiple treatment options
  • Getting teeth 5 – 8 shades whiter
  • Achieving results that over-the-counter whitening options can’t
  • Treating surface stains and deeper discoloration
  • Treatments are comfortable, easy, and quick
  • Results are fast, natural-looking, and long-lasting
  • Treatments can be repeated to maintain results


When debating the advantages and disadvantages of professional versus store-bought whitening options, you should consider what you are really attempting to achieve for your smile. If your smile is just recently starting to yellow, an over-the-counter whitening kit could produce temporary results.

When your teeth have deeper discoloration, you might be a perfect candidate to receive professional-grade teeth whitening at Something To Smile About. If you need home touch-ups, Dr. Boulard may also offer take-home customized trays that can be used in conjunction with our whitening solutions for upkeep.


What you should expect during your teeth whitening appointments is dependent upon the process recommended by Dr. Boulard, our dentist in Merrimack, NH. Since our practice offers a couple of treatment options for successful and quality teeth whitening, the process chosen for you will be determined after a consultation. In most situations, an in-office teeth whitening session will be performed in less than an hour through the application of a professional strength whitening gel, along with the assistance of a light system that quickly whitens the teeth several colors. We also have at-home kits that are equally efficient but might provide a more subtle result over a few weeks and months. You may need a combination of both to have lasting results.


After teeth whitening, you may experience some sensitivity to hot or cold food, but this should subside within a few days. When the whitening treatment is completed, we usually recommend returning for touch-ups a couple of times annually, along with professional cleanings at our Merrimack, NH facility. Remember that simply because your teeth are whitened does not necessarily mean they are healthy. Routine dental exams are necessary and vital to maintaining your oral health.


How long does a teeth whitening treatment take?
A typical teeth whitening treatment at Something To Smile About takes less than an hour.

Does teeth whitening hurt?
No, the procedure itself is painless. Some people may experience sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks afterward, but it generally goes away after a few days.

How much whiter do medical-grade teeth whitening treatments make your teeth?
A medical-grade teeth whitening treatment performed by Dr. Boulard, our dentist in Merrimack, NH, can make your teeth up to several shades whiter.

How long does medical-grade teeth whitening last?
How long your teeth whitening treatment will last depends on many factors, most importantly, what types of food and drinks you commonly consume. Coffee, tea, and red wine, along with dark berries and other dark foods, can affect your whitening treatment. Smoking and using tobacco products will also affect your results. In general, most patients can expect their teeth whitening treatment to last anywhere between six months to two years. Dr. Boulard can provide you with at-home whitening kits and offers customized trays that can be used together with touch-up treatments to help you maintain your results.


Teeth whitening may create fast and dramatic improvements to your smile and quite possibly your overall look. If you are considering teeth whitening but are not certain whether over-the-counter whitening or professional options are the right solution, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Boulard in Merrimack, NH. At Something To Smile About, we can talk you through the benefits and risks of each method before you make your choice. Book your appointment today.