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What is a 3D Impression?

Did you dread having a dental mold made of your mouth when visiting the dentist in the past? At Something To Smile About in Merrimack, NH, we make 3D digital impressions for the comfort and convenience of our patients. If you have ever had problems with making a physical impression (or have a sensitive gag reflex), then you will enjoy the simplicity of our 3D digital impressions.

While we do have the old putty dental molds available if needed, we mainly perform the impressions with our iTero® scanner. Dr. Boulard, our experienced general and cosmetic dentist, makes an accurate impression of your teeth to be sent out to create your needed restorative or appliance. If you're in need of restorative dental work, eliminate the stress and time of putty dental molds by taking advantage of our 3D impressions at Something To Smile About at your next dental visit.

What Are the Benefits of 3D Dental Impressions?

3D dental impressions are an exciting, modern tool that can help you understand your oral health better and offer Dr. Boulard a more complete image for optimal treatments or dental work. Benefits of using this technology at Something To Smile About in Merrimack, NH include:

  • Producing 3D images that are highly accurate
  • Acquiring the impressions is completely pain-free
  • Enabling highly customized dental restorations that are ideal for your exact teeth and oral health needs
  • Improving dental education and oral health habits for patients
  • Significantly quicker results than older, analog methods of impressions
  • Imaging is stored electronically

Who needs a dental impression?

Patients, regardless of age, may need a 3D dental impression for custom restorations, orthodontic treatments, or oral appliance therapies to be made. Our popular 3D digital impressions are ideal for patients who have a strong gag reflex and/or wish to avoid an alginate dental mold.

Dr. Boulard uses digital impression technology to make the molds for custom restorations, such as bridges, crowns, onlays, inlays, dentures, orthodontic treatments, or oral appliances (like night guards or sleep apnea treatments). 3D impressions are wonderful or producing precise digital versions of your mouth that can be sent directly to a dental laboratory or in-office CEREC machine.

Dr. Boulard's 3D impression technique

Dr. Boulard offers chairside digital dental imaging, which includes 3D digital impressions. All you have to do is sit in a treatment chair while Dr. Boulard scans your mouth. This tool employs safe wavelengths to precisely capture all areas, crevices, and corners of your mouth. Once the scanning is done, an image of your teeth will appear on the screen. If any areas were missed during the initial scan, an easy re-scan can be performed. In the past, you would have had to endure a second gooey impression tray to repeat the process. Many of our patients prefer our 3D digital impression process over the dental molds. 

After Your 3D dental impressions

Your 3D dental impressions will be sent to our respective dental labs for your restorative to be made or your customized oral appliance to be manufactured. Once your restorative is ready to be seated, you will come back for a follow-up appointment for placement. When an oral appliance comes in from the lab, Dr. Boulard will have you come in for a fitting to make sure it is made correctly.

We will keep your 3D dental impressions in your electronic dental record. This way, we will have a blueprint for the future in case you need a replacement oral appliance or orthodontic treatment (like a clear aligner). He can also use the digital impression to compare the changes in your teeth over time with other impressions taken.

3D Dental Impressions FAQ

Why are traditional dental impressions so bad?

Traditional dental impressions still have their place to accurately create a mold of your teeth. However, where 3D dental impressions don't have the strange taste of alginate putty molds and the potential to trigger the gag reflex. This makes the experience smoother and easier with less discomfort for most patients. A 3D scan is also more accurate.

Are digital impressions safe?

Yes, the digital scanners used to make 3D impressions are completely safe. In fact, they greatly increase the efficiency and accuracy of creating dental appliances and restoratives with the added benefit of being able to be digitally stored for future use.

What’s the difference between digital dental impressions and traditional impressions?

A digital or 3D dental impression uses a scanner to make an accurate scan of your teeth to create a restorative or oral appliance. A traditional dental mold uses an alginate putty that is pressed onto your teeth which then hardens to make an impression of your teeth that can be used to make a mold.

We can make a great Impression

We can create your 3D digital impressions at Something To Smile About as an excellent alternative to messy dental molds. Utilizing advanced technology, we can digitally scan a precise impression of the overall structure of your teeth. Then, we can make you a restorative or send out for an oral appliance to be made in significantly less time. Contact our office in Merrimack, NH now to schedule your appointment with Dr. Boulard.

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