Digital x-rays, also known as digital radiographs, are captured during your dental exam to provide a more thorough picture of your overall oral health. Our digital x-rays allow our cosmetic dentist in Merrimack, NH, Dr. Kevin Boulard, to diagnose problems that aren’t visible by the naked eye. There are many dental and oral concerns that can be seen on digital images such as tooth decay, cavities, cysts, abscesses, tooth impactions, and bone loss. When these issues are found early, you can be treated more efficiently. Plus, you may have more treatment options. During your annual dental exam at Something To Smile About, digital x-rays are taken to help Dr. Boulard accurately diagnose and make recommendations as to how to make your oral health better.


Digital x-rays performed by our dentist or team in Merrimack, NH at Something To Smile About offer several great benefits over traditional x-rays to diagnose dental issues, including:

  • It’s quicker, easier, and more comfortable
  • Uses up to 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays
  • Allows x-rays to be stored and transferred digitally
  • Creates higher resolution images
  • Supports better diagnostic accuracy
  • Images are ready to view faster
  • It’s safer for the environment


In most cases, every patient has a set of digital x-rays taken as part of an annual dental exam. Digital x-rays can be administered for prevention or when you are concerned about a specific dental problem. Even though dental digital x-rays emit less radiation compared to traditional film x-rays, Something To Smile About in Merrimack, NH prefers to limit each patient’s exposure. While they are typically safe for any patient, female patients who are breastfeeding or pregnant should tell Dr. Boulard at the start of the exam so that extra cautionary steps can be taken.


Typically performed at the start of a dental cleaning or exam at our Merrimack, NH facility, digital x-rays take around 5 – 10 minutes to capture. Most patients will get a series of x-rays taken for Dr. Boulard to look over and determine dental needs that need to be addressed. Once your digital x-rays are taken, they will be uploaded and can be viewed by you and Dr. Boulard throughout your exam. He will be able to assess any areas of concern and go over treatment options.


A set of x-rays will generally be performed annually at your dental examination. At some visits, a whole mouth set may be needed for a complete view of the teeth, gums, and jaw. Your digital images will be saved with your file at Something To Smile About so Dr. Boulard, our Merrimack, NH dentist, can view trends and chart any growing concerns.


What is the difference between digital x-rays and traditional x-rays?
Compared to traditional x-rays, digital dentistry produces roughly 80% less radiation. This makes it an incredibly safe way for our dental staff in Merrimack, NH to get a better look at exactly what’s going on with your teeth and gums. Patients can put their nerves to bed knowing these x-rays are entirely harmless and provide a great benefit to their oral health.

What are the advantages of digital x-rays?
There are several advantages when it comes to digital x-rays. First of all, they are much faster to process than other alternatives in addition to offering better image quality. Additionally, they require fewer resources, such as film and chemicals, to develop. Lastly, it avoids problems with exposure, drastically reducing the need for retakes of your x-rays.

How does digital dentistry work?

Our team will place digital scanners in your mouth, which can make a three-dimensional image of your mouth. This allows us to have a high-definition reference of your teeth when creating crowns, veneers, onlays, inlays, dentures, and other dental applications.


Digital x-rays are a useful technology that can help to diagnose developing oral health problems. As part of a regular dental exam, they are able to give Dr. Boulard a unique understanding of what is going on inside your mouth, which allows him to see hidden issues. We want to address those dental needs at Something To Smile About before they become a painful dental crisis. For improved oral health, contact our dental team in Merrimack, NH to schedule your next dental exam with digital x-rays.