A full-mouth reconstruction of all of your teeth is more than just for cosmetic appearances. The health of your smile deserves a dentist who has experience in delivering full-mouth reconstructions for patients with severe dental needs. At Something To Smile About in Merrimack, NH, our general dentist, Dr. Kevin Boulard, does not shy away from patients who have difficult dental cases. His services can enhance the health, function, and appearance of your gums, teeth, and jawbone. Full-mouth restoration at Something To Smile About may include (but is not limited to) tooth extractions, gum treatments, inlays, onlays, bridges, crowns, porcelain veneers, implants, and dentures. Some full-mouth reconstruction procedures may also take a bone or gum graft to replace bone loss. Dr. Boulard will listen to your concerns and goals prior to making your personal full-mouth restoration treatment program. Call and schedule your consultation today.


A personalized full-mouth reconstruction designed by Dr. Boulard offers a wide variety of great benefits to give you a smile you’ll love to see in the mirror, including:

  • Offers multiple customizable treatment options
  • Provides effective solutions, even for extensive dental issues
  • Restores the function of your bite
  • Creates a beautiful new smile
  • Improves speech and chewing
  • Allows you to eat the food you love
  • Restores facial proportions and symmetry
  • Achieves a more youthful appearance


Full-mouth reconstruction may be needed if you have lost a few teeth or have many teeth with big fillings that need replacement. You may also have teeth with widespread decay or teeth that are cracked, broken or badly worn down due to bruxism (persistent teeth grinding). Certain dental conditions or a genetic disorder like ectodermal dysplasia (teeth absent since birth), amelogenesis imperfecta (very small teeth), or dentinogenesis imperfecta (stained or translucent teeth), can require extensive treatment. In more advanced cases, your degraded gums and teeth may have created sunken cheeks or another visible facial deformity. A full-mouth reconstruction may rejuvenate the entire face once the ideal quantity of teeth are in place.


After a complete examination of your teeth, gums, and jaw, Dr. Boulard might suggest full-mouth reconstruction. Your personalized treatment plan will be generated based on the state of your own teeth, gums,  temporomandibular joints (TMJs), jaw muscles, and bite. Dr. Boulard will discuss your treatment and sedation options, and his recommendations at your appointment to ensure your treatment strategy fits your desires and goals. As soon as your treatment plan is made, he will go over exactly what to expect in your full-mouth reconstruction and schedule your visits. In general, a full-mouth reconstruction will take several visits to Something To Smile About. Dr. Boulard will schedule your treatments with breaks in between to let you heal before the next step is started.


After each procedure in your full-mouth reconstruction treatment plan, Dr. Boulard will explain what to expect and how to take care of your mouth. He may write a prescription for antibiotics or pain medicine that needs to be filled prior to your treatment and taken as directed. You might have some discomfort or swelling after certain processes, like implant placement, that may make it difficult to eat, so a liquid or soft food diet may be right for you. Once your full-mouth reconstruction is done, you should keep up your oral health with good flossing and brushing habits at home. Annual dental examinations and biannual cleanings at Something To Smile About will also be beneficial. Throughout your exams, Dr. Boulard can track the health of your restorations, natural teeth, gums, and jawbone.


How long does a full-mouth reconstruction take?
After a thorough examination, which typically includes imaging studies, Dr. Boulard will formulate a customized full-mouth reconstruction plan based on your specific anatomy, needs, and goals. For patients who have severe periodontal disease or another problem, Dr. Boulard will work to restore their gum and oral health before beginning the next stage of reconstruction. In most cases, patients can expect their full-mouth construction to require a series of visits over the course of several months.

Does full-mouth reconstruction hurt?
Dr. Boulard is committed to ensuring the highest level of patient care and comfort during all of our general, cosmetic, and reconstructive dental treatments. Depending on the specific procedures being performed, your anxiety level, and other factors, Dr. Boulard may utilize local anesthesia and/or sedation to keep you comfortable and relaxed during your full-mouth reconstruction.

Does insurance cover a full-mouth reconstruction?
We believe that everyone deserves to have a healthy smile that makes them feel confident. Following your consultation for a full-mouth reconstruction with Dr. Boulard, our knowledgeable billing team will discuss your estimated fees in detail and help you understand what insurance coverage and/or financing options may be available to you.


If you are searching for a solution to your complicated dental problems with a full-mouth reconstruction, then you should schedule a consultation at Something To Smile About in Merrimack, NH. Dr. Boulard will create your unique treatment plan to meet your wants and goals. He can help improve your oral health and teeth so you can enjoy a gorgeous, healthy smile.