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Regular brushing and flossing are necessary for having a brilliant smile. However, issues like periodontal (gum) disease can put not only your smile but also your overall health at risk.

So, what is periodontal disease, and what are the long-term risks of gum disease in Merrimack, NH? A general and cosmetic dentist in Merrimack, NH can review the details when you come in for an assessment at Something To Smile About. Dr. Kevin Boulard may recommend comprehensive treatments, like scaling and root planing, to improve your oral health.

Are you ready for a healthier smile? Call a member of our dental clinic to schedule your next consultation. We are dedicated to helping patients of all backgrounds with individualized care.

What is periodontal disease?

So, what is periodontal disease? Gum disease begins when plaque builds up beneath the gumline, irritating the soft tissues and causing them to become infected and inflamed.

Gingivitis is a mild form of periodontal disease characterized by red and swollen gums. You may even experience bleeding when flossing or brushing your teeth. Even though gingivitis sounds serious, it can be reversed with help from your local dentist in Merrimack, NH. Patients should not wait before getting treatment from a professional.

If you notice these common symptoms of gum disease, contact our office:

  • Chronic bad breath

  • Swollen or sore gums

  • Tender or bleeding gums

  • Sensitive teeth

The long-term risks of periodontal disease

When untreated gingivitis progresses to a more serious stage of periodontal disease, your gums may pull away from the teeth. These pockets harbor dangerous bacteria and can’t always be reached with at-home brushing or flossing techniques. At the same time, the underlying tissue and bone begin to deteriorate. This leads to receding gums, damage to the jawbone, and eventually tooth loss.

The levels of bacteria in the body increase as gum disease worsens. Bacteria causes an inflammatory response that increases your risk of stroke or heart disease. In addition, periodontal disease has been connected with chronic conditions, like diabetes.

Some people don’t realize they have periodontal disease until it is at an advanced stage. This is why Something To Smile About encourages patients of all ages to schedule regular cleanings and checkups. A dentist, like Dr. Boulard, can catch all forms of gum disease, including gingivitis, before it has a long-term impact on your health.

How periodontal disease is treated

The dental professionals at Something To Smile About are leading experts in periodontal disease. During a dental assessment with Dr. Kevin Boulard, we can examine your teeth and gums and determine the severity of your condition. While gingivitis is treatable in the early stages, we may recommend a series of deep cleanings or an advanced procedure called scaling and root planing. This treatment allows us to remove unwanted bacteria from the gumline and prevent new bacteria from forming in the future.

Keep your teeth, gums, and body healthy

Your smile is an important part of your personality and appearance. But if your teeth and gums aren’t healthy, this could lead to serious problems. If you are concerned about periodontal disease or begin to notice symptoms like red or bleeding gums, make an appointment with Dr. Kevin Boulard or the trained staff at Something To Smile About. Our local dentist in Merrimack, NH is dedicated to helping you enjoy a gorgeous smile.

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